Summer Essentials (Part 2)

Hello everyone! As promised, here is the second part to my summer essentials! Here I will be highlighting pieces of clothing that I know I will be wearing throughout the whole summer! I will link everything at the end of this post.
 I hope you enjoy :)

The first item is a yellow knit top from Zara. I actually bought this back in March, and I realized that I needed a bit of a tan before I should start wearing it. It is perfect now! The sleeves stop right at my elbows, so it's not too warm. I just love how bright it is, and paired with the right bottoms, it is just perfect. I think that yellow is one of those colors that will always be perfect for summer.

The second item is a plain grey tee. I know it can be kind of boring, but grey is one of my favorite colors to wear. And with a plain grey top, you can dress it down, but you can also dress it up. Paired with some white shorts (or jeans) and a flashy statement necklace can take this top from dull to amazing. I actually do not have a link for this top, but I will link something very similar!

The third item is by far my favorite piece of clothing for this summer. When I saw this romper, I knew I had to have it! It is pretty crazy, but that's what I love about it. The mixing of all of the different patterns and colors really makes this a statement item for anyone's wardrobe.

The fourth item is the cream kimono type sweater thingy (that works right?). I have been wanting a sweater like this for awhile, and this one will go with everything! It falls to about my mid-thigh, which isn't too long or short. I love the crochet details on the sleeve, and crochet will be and already has been a major trend this year.

The last item is a good pair of denim shorts. Finding the right pair can be a struggle, but once you do find them, you will practically never take them off. I actually found these ones last summer, and I am still rockin' them this summer. They are Levi's, and I love them! The cuffs are what made me love them so much! The length is perfect too, not shorty shorts, but not bermuda either. They are so comfortable, and I wear them a ton!

Yellow Knit Top - Zara
Grey Plain Tee - Boohoo
I can't find a link for the romper... I got it at Cato Fashion, 
but it seems that they don't sell it anymore :(
Cream Kimono/Sweater - Forever 21
Cuffed Denim Shorts - Levi's

Thank you to anyone who has read my blog! Please leave me a comment on what your summer fashion essentials are! Thanks again!!

Much love, 



  1. Love the romper!! Such a shame it's no longer on sale : (

    Chelsea |