September Blog Favorites

Hello everybody! How are you doing? I myself am not doing so well (the changing of the seasons is getting to me, making me a little ill), but I do have a post for you all today! I thought that I would share my favorite blogs I have been reading from the month of September. I have found that just sitting down with a drink somewhere cozy and just going through my Bloglovin' feed (follow me here) has been extremely relaxing. I have five particular blogs I have been loving, so I will share them now!

5. Something Navy by Arielle

I have absolutely loved reading all of the posts from Arielle at the moment! She is currently pregnant and looking flawless! Her fashion transition into fall has been gorgeous, and I basically just want to shop in her closet! If you love fashion blogs, definitely go give Something Navy a read! She also posts gorgeous Instagram pictures at Something Navy Instagram.

4. In the Frow by Victoria

In the Frow is one of those blogs that I know I will always be reading. I just really REALLY love it. I love that Victoria not only writes about fashion/beauty, but also her travel adventures and food! I mean who doesn't love to read about food? Especially when there are gorgeous photos to go along with it! Victoria always has the most stunning photos, and I'm always liking her pics on Instagram as well.

3. The Overseas Escape by Margo

The Overseas Escape is a relatively new to my Bloglovin' feed, and I am completely obsessed. Margo and her husband are travel addicts, always going somewhere new. As I would one day love to travel all over the world, I just love reading about their adventures. Margo also takes lovely photographs that just look perfect on her blog. Margo also gives great tips for traveling, which I find super helpful.

2. Zoella by Zoe

The relaunch of Zoella has made me so so happy! I loved reading Zoe's blog and was really disappointed when she all of sudden stopped blogging for almost a whole year. However, she hadn't been blogging for a reason-- a complete relaunch of her blog! The new design is so cute, complete with fairy lights (how Zoe, right?) and all! Her photographs also look great on the design. I have loved reading her posts, especially the baking ones!

1. Ghostparties by Kate

My favorite blog of the month has absolutely, positively got to be Ghostparties. Kate's minimalist blog design draws the eye to her stunning photos. I just love her photographs (her blog as well!!) so so much. Kate is always recommending great beauty items, and recently has been sharing interior decorating tips. Her newly designed bathroom is to die for. Seriously, drop what your doing and go read her blog!

I hope everyone enjoyed today's post and that you go check out these awesome five blogs! I had a hard time choosing five as I read quite a few blogs, but if you would like me to do another post about more of my favorite blogs, just let me know in the comments! Also, please let me know your favorite blogs as I am always looking for new ones to read! Love you all and see you next week!

Much Love,


  1. The Overseas Escape sounds so good, I'm going to have to check it out! I too love how Zoe has relaunched her site, she really does just make the world a better place!

  2. Zoella is the blog that I live for. I'm so happy to know that she's finally back to blogging!

    All the love, Eiren. xx

  3. Great post! Have a nice weekend:)

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