First Post!

Hello everyone! This is my very first blog post! Yay!! LET'S GET STARTED!!!

Today, I thought I would share with whoever is reading about some of my favorite fashion/beauty blogs out there! (I will link all of them at the end of this post!).

Of course I can't talk about fashion and beauty blogs without mentioning the infamous Zoella. I absolutely love her blog and YouTube channel. She has such great taste and is definitely one of my inspirations for starting a blog.

Niomi Smart is another one of my favorite bloggers. I think she is just so sweet, and has excellent taste as well. I also really like Niomi's blog for the natural remedies and cooking recipes she writes about.

In the Frow is my most recent obsession. I found her YouTube channel and just about watched all of her videos in one sitting. She can rock that purple hair like none other! Her blog is fantastic and she updates and posts a lot, as well.

These three are probably my inspirations for finally starting up a blog of my own. I highly recommend you go check out all of their blogs and follow them!

Niomi Smart:
In the Frow:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to read this(if there actually is anyone). If you actually like this post, then let me know in the comments! Also, if you want to be updated on my blog, give me a follow! I am still designing and setting the blog up, so sorry for any glitches or anything not completed!

Much love,

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